Firstly a GA PERRY Electricians arrive on time or the first hour labour FREE. Secondly we cover all Perth suburbs 24/7. Thirdly we specialise in residential homes performing electrical maintenance. This includes domestic electrical, servicing, repair, supply and installation to existing Perth homes. Therefore jobs ranging from installing a ceiling fan, exhaust fan, power point, smoke detectors through to electrical fault finding, mains upgrades, etc.

We know how frustrating it is to have to sit at home all day. Then have a tradesmen arrive hours late, or not show up at all. Therefore our motto and promise to you is, “we are on-time or the first hour of labour is free”.

On-time Electrical in Perth

Another reason we are one of the top electrical contractors in the Perth is we only charge in 15 min blocks, meaning only the actual time a job takes is billable.  Not rounded up to the nearest hour and over charging you. As our electricians are WA locals who know the regulations and offer a professional, quality service.

Searching for a reliable Electrician ? Look No Further!

Firstly when you are seeking a reliable electrician, look no further.  Therefore we can send an electrician directly to your door 24/7 to investigate any electric fault or problem. Alternatively you can book online to schedule a service or call us we will have one on the way to you.

Electrical Contractors

Firstly when you hire GA PERRY as your electrical contractor, honest, qualified and registered electricians is what you get. Therefore our experienced team of sparkies have the ability to quickly and effectively diagnose and resolve your electrical issue.  Along with restoring your home to a condition of safety, comfort and livability.

In addition we commenced trading in Perth in 1896. Therefore we continue to proudly serve the Perth home owners 124 years on. With our history you can trust our reputation. So don’t take a gamble with your electrical maintenance needs. Be safe and entrust them to a company that knows what it is doing, has the Licenses, experience and longevity to prove it.

On-time Electrician Perth

Firstly you can rely on GA PERRY to be on time every time and we back it up with our famous guarantee and well known jingle. “We are on time or the first hour of labour is Free”. So call us now on 9475 1500