The GA PERRY Process

Perth’s Most Reliable Plumbers, Electricians & Gasfitters

At GA PERRY, we know there’s nothing more important than delivering efficient and reliable service that our customers can trust. That’s why we have used technology and centralised operations to create a system that ensures we’re available 24/7 for emergencies and offer same day service for all jobs. Book an electrician, plumber or gasfitter with GA PERRY, and we’ll always be on time or the first hour of labour is free. That’s our guarantee.

What Happens When You Call GA PERRY?

All calls come to our centralised call centre that’s operated by experienced plumbing and electrical experts. During this call, we’ll find out how we can help you, where you live and when you would like us to come to your home. Then we’ll select the best local plumber or best local electrician in Perth. With reliable plumbers and reliable electricians in most suburbs of the Perth metropolitan area, we can choose the best man for your job to ensure you get the best service, every time.

Why we’re the most reliable plumber and electrician in Perth

The manager of our call centre is called the Schedule Master.

The GA PERRY Schedule Master manages all of our plumbers, electricians and gasfitters in the Perth area and sends them to every job they attend. Our central operations team checks in with our tradesmen every 30 minutes via text and two-way radio so we can always let you know exactly when your plumber, electrician or gasfitter will arrive.

We trust our system because it works. If your tradesman doesn’t arrive on time, you’ll get the first hour of labour free, guaranteed.