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We Service Blocked Toilets, Drains & Showers Across Perth

Blocked toilets, drains and showers in Perth are among the most common maintenance plumbing jobs we encounter. The GA PERRY team has been attending to blocked toilets and drains for over 124 years. We understand drain cleaning Perth layouts and can quickly diagnose the cause and return it back to functioning correctly in no time. One of our tradesmen will handle your drain repairs with no mess and no fuss. Your time is valuable to us! Our plumbers will arrive at your home on time or our first hour of labour is free. Call us today, we’re open 24/7.

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Call Now For A Blocked Toilet Or Drain Plumber

We take care of toilet and drain unblocking Perth-wide. Knowing that blocked toilets, drains and shower blockages often arise at the most inconvenient of times, we ensure that your problems are addressed as fast as possible. We will send one of our blocked drain plumbers who operate out of fully equipped mobile vans. This ensures they’re always prepared to handle any level of blockage. All GA PERRY drain cleaner Perth plumbers’ vans are stocked with tools and equipment offering the full range of drain services.

With minor blockages, our fully licensed plumbers can use a range of tools. These include drain augers, small water jets, plungers, mini drain machines and hand sani-snakes. When a blockage involves more serious obstructions, we make sure our tradesmen are equipped with powerful electric multi-size drain cutting machines. Each van is carrying up to 50 meters of drain clearing cable. Both tools are vital to cut out and clear the obstruction.


Early Signs Of A Blocked Drain Or Shower

When a qualified blocked toilet plumber attends and to unblock drains Perth, this greatly minimises future damage, especially in older drains. There are several signs and signals that one (or a few) of your drains are blocked. Here are some of the most common things to look out for:

  • Water is not draining through the sink or bath plug hole
  • There is a gurgling sound when you flush the toilet
  • Your toilet is clogged, and the water level rises when it flushes
  • Unpleasant smells are coming from your drains
  • There’s brown sewage coming out of your overflow relief gully outside
  • You have recurring drain issues that don’t seem quite right.
blocked drain perth
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DRAIN Unblocking PERTH

Perth Blocked Toilet, Drain & Shower Blockage Removal

Keeping your drains healthy avoids them getting clogged up. We recommend regular drain inspections from our qualified and experienced blocked toilets plumbers. They will detect potential blockages early and complete your drain maintenance. We also have some tips and tricks you can use in between plumbing inspections to prevent blockages.

Whether it be unblocking small drains or a large-scale drain repair, at GA PERRY we pride ourselves on getting the job done right the first time. The work of a blocked drain plumber can be messy, which is why our tradesmen always clean up after themselves and leave your home as they found it. Ordering and fitting new parts can take a lot of time and money, which is why we aim to repair blockages first and only replace drains if needed. Call us today, we’re open 24/7.

GA PERRY tradesmen are all licensed Master Plumber & Gas Fitter Association members.

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5 Common Causes of Blocked Drains & How To Fix Them

Drains can get blocked over time and cause multiple plumbing issues. Knowing the major causes can help you prevent the damage and change bad habits.