High Water Bills? You May Have a Leak!

high water bills you may have a leak

Are your water bills higher than usual? From increased water consumption to new appliances, there are many factors that can affect your bills. You can try to determine the cause by eliminating options that don’t apply to your household. If you still don’t know the reason, call your trusty specialists in water leak detection Perth. […]

6 Common Plumbing Myths

blocked drains in laundry

The internet is full of plumbing myths. Popular examples include washing lemon peels down the sink to get rid of a smelly drain or that a noisy hot water system is an indication the tank will explode. Often there is little or no truth to them. Let’s bust the most common plumbing myths before you […]

Plumbing Checks To Make When Buying a Home

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No matter whether you’re buying an investment property or your forever home, it’s so important to fully inspect the condition of the plumbing system prior to purchase. Once you’ve signed the contract and taken ownership, any plumbing maintenance issues will become your responsibility. While it’s ultimately up to the seller to ensure the property is […]

Common Plumbing Problems

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Common Plumbing Problems There’s nothing more frustrating than a blocked shower drain or a toilet that constantly leaks. Sometimes you can easily fix these issues yourself, and other times you’ll need a professional plumber to help you out. Here’s a list of some of the most common plumbing problems and how to solve them. Why […]