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How to Clean Your Drains?

How to Clean Your Drains?

how to clean your drains

Do you have blocked drains? If you noticed a weak water pressure and if your sinks take too long to drain, chances are that there is a major clog in your piping system. Don’t ignore the warning signs because waiting can only make things worse. From simple homemade remedies to professional solutions, here is what we recommend you should do!

1 – Pour Boiling Water Down the Drain

Grease, cosmetic products, and other liquids can create a blockage if they have the tendency to solidify. The build-up can clog your drains, but the easiest solution is to melt it with hot water. Try pouring boiling water in your sink, shower, or bathtub. If this quick fix doesn’t work, you should consider other methods.

2 – Use a Mixture of Baking Soda and Vinegar

Another great trick that can help you unclog your drains is a potent blend of white vinegar and baking soda. This mixture creates a chemical reaction that can act as a purifier and disintegrate solidified mould, toilet paper, mineral build-up and other materials that could be clogging your plumbing system.

3 – Try Solving the Problem with a Plunger or a Metal Coat Hanger

By creating a vacuum, a classic plunger can help you break up the solid dirt and pull it out. The simple cup-shaped rubber plunger works well on flat surfaces, and you can use it to unclog sinks, showers, and bathtubs. To ensure you get the optimal effect, seal all the overflow spouts. A damp cloth is very efficient because it prevents the airflow that can obstruct your efforts. Quick, powerful thrusts will put the right amount of pressure on your drains. Additionally, you can use a metal coat hanger to pull out hair that is often causing major blockages in showers and bathtubs.

4 – Use a Dishwasher

It could be enough to use a powerful dishwasher to de-grease and liquefy the build-up made of oils, food remains, cosmetic products and other substances. You will get the best result if you pour a good amount of dishwashing liquid, top it with a kettle full of boiling water and leave the sink for a while.

5 – A Water Blast

The blockage may break if you give it a strong push with a large quantity of water. All you need is a plastic bottle filled with water, but it is important to act very fast. Turn the bottle upside down and push the water down the drain with a single strike. When the water hurdles down the drain, it might crush the build-up of dirt under pressure. 

6 – Caustic Soda

If none of these natural and environmentally friendly methods work, try using caustic soda. This powerful chemical can liquefy and dissolve the most persistent dirt build-up, including food, solidified grease and even bundles of hair. Use this as your last resort if it is impossible to resolve the issue by using other methods. This is a harmful chemical, and it is not recommended to use it frequently. When you dispense it down the drain, pour cold water and leave it to work for at least half an hour. Avoid using your bathroom or kitchen during this time and don’t inhale the product. Make sure to clean the remains afterwards.

7 – Call the Plumbers

If you fail to resolve the problem by yourself or if it keeps returning, you should call a plumber. Professional plumbers have many special tools designed to clean your pipes and drains. They can also inspect your system to check whether there are any systemic problems that need addressing. Perhaps your pipes are too old, and they need to be replaced or your taps and showerheads don’t work properly because of the mineral build-up.

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