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Items You Should Never Throw in Your Kitchen Sink

Items You Should Never Throw in Your Kitchen Sink

items you should never throw in your kitchen sink

If you ever experienced a blocked kitchen sink, you know exactly how difficult and expensive it can be to unclog it. The consequences can be harsh: unpleasant smell, slow water drainage, pressure on your piping system and even floods. From food leftovers to cooking oil and coffee grounds, not all the items are equally dangerous. A rule of thumb is to carefully remove all the food remains from your dishware before you put them in the sink.

To prevent major problems with your plumbing system, try to minimise the pressure on it and avoid throwing items that can solidify and block the normal water flow. Here is the list of household items that should never go down the drain:

1 – Flour

You probably know that flour is extremely dangerous for kitchen sinks because it quickly transforms into thick pastry in contact with water. It solidifies almost instantaneously and can easily clog the pipes underneath your kitchen sink.

2 – Grease

Cooking oils, butter, mayonnaise, salad dressings and other greasy items are problematic too because they can block kitchen drains just like arteries in your blood system. Before you start washing the dishes, remove the remains of grease from your cookery.

3 – Coffee

Coffee grounds can also harden and block the water flow in your pipes. Instant coffee is the worst kind because it stiffens in contact with water and creates a thick paste that can block your drain. However, any coffee grounds can create concrete-like formations that are difficult to unclog.

4 – Eggshells

Eggshells are some of the worst enemies because they contain thin white membranes that can wrap around other food items and create large obstacles inside your kitchen sink drain. This is why you should avoid peeling boiled eggs inside your kitchen sink!

5 – Bones & Raw meets

While small bones can get stuck and start catching other food items to create major blockages, raw meat is even more dangerous because it is considered to be one of the major cloggers. It dissolves slow and can create an extremely unpleasant smell when it starts to rot.

6 – Pasta & Rice

You should also avoid throwing pasta or rice down the drain because they are absorbent and can easily form a major blockage. It is difficult to avoid this if you normally dry your cooked pasta and rice in the kitchen sink. However, you can try to be more careful and protect the drain before you do this.

7 – Potato Peels & Onion Skins

Potato peels and onion skins can produce the same effect as eggshells because they can get entangled with other items and create a major barrier. The biggest problem arises when different food items get stuck together!

How to Protect Your Kitchen Sink?

Sometimes you just forget that certain food items are harmful and you just throw them down the drain. To prevent this from causing major problems, you can start using protection nets. They should be as thick as possible to minimise potential damage. Additionally, a quality food waste disposer can be a life saviour, but it can clog up too. Items that can clog up your drain even if you use these gadgets? Definitely flour, grease and coffee!

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