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Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Free from Mould

Tips for Keeping Your Bathroom Free from Mould

tips for keeping your bathroom free from mould

Mould and mildew usually appear in damp, poorly ventilated places. Bathrooms are ideal for these nasty microorganisms because they are warm and wet. Keeping your bathroom dry, clean, and mould-free is crucial for maintaining a hygienic, healthy, and breathable environment.  Not sure where to start? We have some excellent tips that really work!

Keep Your Bathroom Properly Ventilated

Fresh air is the most effective weapon in a battle to eradicate mould from your home. Do you have windows? Keep them open, especially after having a bath or a shower. This will help you dry out the air and prevent mould from forming in persistently damp places. If you don’t have windows, you need a functional ventilation system. Install a bathroom exhaust fan if you don’t have one and make sure you keep it clean and well maintained. You might need to replace the fan from time to time. If you notice that it is not working properly, call your electrician to fix or replace it.

Maintain Hygiene

To prevent mould and dampness in your bathroom, you need a high level of hygiene. Keep all the surfaces clean and dry. Disinfect the bathroom frequently with quality cleaning products and remove excess moisture. It is particularly important to clean the wettest areas like bathtubs, showers, toilet bowls and sinks. Do you have many toiletries and beauty products in the bathroom? Make sure they are all sealed and stored on a dry surface. Bath products lying around on wet surfaces can contribute to the faster formation of mould and bacteria. Pay special attention to the grout between the tiles, silicon seals around your bathtub and sinks or any cracks where mould can hide.

Keep Space Dry

Keeping your bathroom dry can be a challenge, especially during summer when temperatures get high, and the air gets humid. In addition to a quality exhaust fan, you may also consider decorating the space with tropical plants that can absorb moisture. The most popular flowers and plants that can help you maintain a drier and healthier environment in your bathroom include Aloe Vera, Spider Plant, Orchid, Bamboo, Boston Fern, Begonia, Ivy, Dracaena and Philodendron, to name a few.

Take Good Care of Your Plumbing System

It is very important to keep your plumbing system in perfect condition. If you notice any leak, fix it as soon as possible because it can contribute to creating a damp environment which is ideal for the creation of mould. Regular maintenance check-ups can help you prevent problems, detect broken pipes or discover hidden leaks that can be concealed behind walls.

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