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7 Easy Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bills

7 Easy Ways to Cut Your Electricity Bills

7 easy ways to cut your electricity bills

Do you have high electricity bills? Sometimes it is enough to rationalise how you use household appliances and switch to alternative, energy-efficient solutions. However, you also need to make sure there are no problems with your wiring, circuits or faulty devices that could be possible causes for overspending. We collected the best tips for lowering your electricity bills without compromising on the quality of life!

1 – Monitor Electricity Usage

To keep track of electricity usage in your household, install a monitoring device. Equipped with a screen and easy-to-use mechanism, this is an inexpensive tracker that will help you reduce your expenditures by identifying the biggest power drains. You can identify patterns and try to reduce energy consumption.

2 – Use Energy-Efficient Lighting Solutions

Classic lightbulbs require a lot of energy, so opt for greener solutions such as LED lights. To further reduce energy consumption, make sure you switch off the lights when you are not using them and consider using candles and battery-operated lights in the evening. Modernising the lighting in your home by installing LED lights with sensors and dimmers can help you reduce the bills significantly.

3 – Plug Off Appliances You Don’t Use

If you usually keep all your appliances plugged in, be aware that they can be wasting energy even when you are not using them. Plug them off when you finish using them, and you will notice a big difference. Even phone or laptop chargers and electronic devices on standby are using electricity, so turning them off at the wall stops is a good idea.

4 – Be Practical in the Kitchen

Kitchen appliances often consume a lot of energy, so try to use them rationally. Preheating water in a kettle and keeping the oven doors close can speed up the process of cooking or baking. Adjusting the temperature in your fridge can also contribute to lowering your electricity bills. The average temperature in Australia is 3 degrees Celsius.

5 – Invest in Energy-Efficient Appliances

Buying new appliances may seem like a big expenditure, but it may help you save money in the long run. Modern hot water systems, cookers, fridges, ovens and other appliances are often designed to spend less energy. Consider investing in a new set of appliances to reduce energy bills. Your local electrician can help you choose the most cost-effective solutions and install them for you.

6 – Save on Heating and Cooling

Air conditioners and heaters are notorious for wasting a lot of energy and contributing to extremely high energy bills. Quality insulation is a fantastic solution because it can prevent air from escaping quickly. Installing ceiling fans and whirlybirds can help keep your home cool during long and hot summers.

7 – Check Your Electrical System

Faults in your electrical system can also cause overconsumption of electric power. Make sure to service your appliances frequently and replace the outdated ones. Regular maintenance is key to keeping your energy bills under control, so schedule annual or bi-annual checks with your trusty local electrician.

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