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5 Benefits of LED Lighting

5 Benefits of LED Lighting

5 benefits of LED lighting

Are you considering investing in an LED lighting installation? Perth-based electricians recommend this lighting solution for everything from workspaces to home offices and gardens because it is the most sustainable, aesthetically pleasing and long-lasting option available. It is super easy to replace your old light bulbs and switch to LED lights, and you can really transform the look of any space with enhanced brightness and a palette of colours.

1 – Durability

One of the main reasons to choose LED lights instead of other available options is their extreme durability. They last much longer than other lighting solutions because they are resilient to hot and cold temperatures, water and constant wear and tear. They have an outstanding lifespan and can deliver light for up to 25,000 hours. And because they will cut your lighting costs in the long run, it pays off to switch from traditional incandescent or fluoro to LED lighting. Perth locals prefer this lighting solution because it is cost-effective and provides sufficient brightness to both indoor and outdoor spaces. Because of the extreme sturdiness and resilience, you’ll hardly ever need LED lighting repair. Perth electricians providing installation services can also repair and replace the lights at a reasonable price.

2 – Energy Efficiency

Most importantly, LED lights are energy-efficient, providing the most sustainable lighting solution available. They are environmentally friendly, especially when compared with traditional light bulbs and fluorescent lights. As soon as you switch to LED, you’ll notice a dramatic cut in your electricity bills. This is because LED bulbs consume less power per unit and therefore significantly reduce greenhouse emissions. LED lights provide more light while using minimum electricity, and their efficiency is estimated at 80%-90% when compared to traditional lighting. They can work entirely on solar power, which is especially convenient for outdoor garden lighting.

3 – Zero Pollutants

LED lights are ecologically friendly because they have no toxins and they produce no pollutants. While conventional lights use many dangerous substances including mercury, LED lights are safe to use in your home, workspace or any commercial facility. If you haven’t switched to LED, you’ll find that it really pays off to invest in a new lighting installation. Perth electricians can quickly do a full LED retrofit and transform your home with beautiful and safe new lights.

4 – High Level of Brightness

LED lights can provide higher levels of brightness while keeping energy consumption and your monthly bills significantly low. You can get better illumination and improve the design of your home with superbly dispersed lighting. Unlike traditional lights, LED solutions can achieve any visual effect from focused streams to dispersed lighting. The light is switched on instantaneously as soon as it is powered on, and you can install a dimmer switch to choose the level of brightness you like.

5 – Wide Range of Colours

LED lights are also popular because they come in a variety of colours. You can choose between cool and warm hues or even play with various shades to create intriguing design effects. This means that you can be more creative with the lighting design and set different moods for different spaces throughout your home.