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Why You Need a Three-Phase Switchboard

Why You Need a Three-Phase Switchboard

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Do you have modern appliances that have high electricity demands? Three-phase electric power is normally required for industrial properties and commercial buildings, but they are also increasingly used in residential homes. New appliances like air conditioning usually need more electricity and single-phase wiring is simply not enough. An upgrade to a three-phase switchboard is now recommended for most Australian homes because they help appliances last longer and require less cabling.

The Key Reasons for Getting an Upgrade

So, what exactly is a three-phase switchboard? The three-phased electrical system consists of three types of wires: three active ones and one neutral wire. A three-phase switchboard is strong enough to supply electric power to three-phase systems. You need one if you have a commercial property or a large home that uses many modern appliances that require a lot of power. The main benefits of three-phased switchboards include:

  • They are more reliable, offering more power for your household.
  • They are safer because they are minimising the risks of short circuits, electrocution, and fire.
  • They never reduce the power supply to zero.
  • You will have a better power distribution.
  • They are cheaper to run because they use less energy.
  • You’ll have reduced electricity bills.
  • The system is more energy-efficient.
  • They are necessary if you have heavy machinery and modern appliances that require three-phase systems.
  • Single-phase switchboards often can’t support appliances such as air conditioning systems.
  • New ovens, washing machines and other appliances require more power.
  • Your appliances will last longer.
  • Three-phased systems are safer while old single-phase ones can be hazardous and usually need to be replaced.
  • You need a new, upgraded switchboard if your electrical wiring doesn’t meet the Australian standards.

Installing a New Switchboard

Installing a three-phase switchboard is a good investment if you want a safer home, better power supply and lower electricity bills. The job requires properly trained and experienced electricians who have the required licence to handle three-phased systems that are more complex than single-phased ones. At GA Perry, we have level two electricians who are qualified to do the upgrade and install the three-phased wiring as well as switchboards. The first step is to remove the old system while making sure all the safety measures are respected. The second step is to install the new switchboard and make all the necessary changes with the cabling and wiring.

Hiring a fully qualified electrician for this job is essential because poor installations can lead to major problems and even legal consequences.  

So, Do You Need a Three-Phase Switchboard?

If you are not sure whether you need to upgrade to a three-phase switchboard it is best to consult your local electrician. Schedule an inspection to find out whether your wiring and switchboard is up-to-date and working properly. If your switchboard is old or if you are using modern appliances that require more power, you most likely need an upgrade. Additionally, you should also consider installing a three-phase switchboard if you are planning to purchase new appliances or if you want a safer, energy-efficient solution for your home.

Reliable Three-Phase Switchboard Installation Services

At GA Perry, we are licenced to install three-phase electrical systems, and we make sure to adhere to the latest Australian safety standards. Call us today, and we’ll send someone to your address.