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What to Do if a Neutral Wire is Damaged

What to Do if a Neutral Wire is Damaged

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Neutral wires are transferring the current to the main power source. Their role is to control the voltage and regulate the electric system. When they are broken, the voltage increases, and this poses a major safety hazard. A damaged neutral wire can cause serious problems such as electrical fire or electrocution, so make sure to address this issue as soon as possible. If you suspect that you have damaged neutral wire, don’t hesitate to contact your go-to electrician for emergency repairs. It is important to call professionals who can arrive fast and fix any issue expertly and efficiently.

Why Neutral Wires Break?

Neutral wires can get damaged during a big storm or an accident, or simply because they are old. To prevent this from happening, make sure that you inspect the wiring in your house regularly. If you suspect that they may be broken or faulty, it is important to react quickly and call an emergency electrician to fix or replace the wires. Remember that a small issue with your wiring can elevate swiftly and that the problem can escalate unless you act fast.   

What Happens When a Neutral Wire is Damaged?

When neutral wires break, the electric flow is disrupted, and the voltage can increase dramatically. The warning signs include overheating, sparks and burning smells. If you notice some of these signals, you should act immediately. Turn the power off and call your emergency electrician. Note that you should never touch the neutral wires if they are broken or damaged. If you don’t address the issue on time, here is what can happen:

  • Electric shocks
  • Severe injuries or death
  • Damaged appliances
  • Electrical fire
  • Damaged electrical system
  • Legal consequences

Don’t ignore the warning signs, and make sure to have your broken neutral wires repaired or replaced as soon as possible. Our team of emergency electricians is available 24/7 for all your needs. When you call us, we will immediately send one of our experienced professionals to your address.

When You Need to Call a Professional Electrician?

If you suspect any of your neutral wires are broken or damaged, it is crucial that you seek professional help immediately. Don’t risk waiting until a small issue turns into a major problem because damaged neutral wires can be extremely dangerous.

While some small issues you can repair yourself, keep in mind that only licenced and fully qualified electricians should be dealing with damaged neutral wires. Pay attention to the warning signs such as burning smells, sparks or overheating. These signals should never be ignored! Regular maintenance and safety checks will help you avoid major issues. Additionally, take precautionary measures if you experience a disruptive event such as a big storm or an accident that can damage your wiring. After such events, it is recommended to call professionals to inspect the house and detect potential damages in the cabling.

At GA Perry, we have a team of qualified professionals who can cater to all your electrical needs. We have electricians who are trained to deal with damaged neutral wires and expertly fix any problem that needs to be dealt with urgently. You can call us any time because we are working around the clock and have emergency electricians who can arrive quickly and resolve your issues fast.