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The Key to a Safe Powerpoint Installation

The Key to a Safe Powerpoint Installation

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Installing a new powerpoint may seem like an easy task, but you need a skilled and experienced electrician to do it for you to minimise the chances of causing a fire or electrocution. If you are not sure when or how to replace your powerpoints, here is everything you need to know before calling your local electrician.   

When to Install a New Powerpoint?

Properly installed quality powerpoints can last for a long time without a glitch. However, you need to monitor them and react fast if you notice one of the warning signs. Some of the problems that indicate you need to install new power points include:

  • No power: call the electrician to inspect the wiring and detect the problem.
  • Burning: immediately contact your emergency electrician if you notice discolouration or melting.
  • Damages: you need to replace any broken or damaged powerpoints in your house.
  • Overheating: when your powerpoits are hot to touch, it is time to replace them
  • Sparks: sparks in powerpoints is another alarming sign you shouldn’t ignore.
  • Loose grip: if plugs are falling out of the powerpoints, it means you need to replace them with new ones.

Never underestimate any of these indications, and don’t hesitate to call your local electrician when you notice that something is wrong with your old powerpoints. Neglect can potentially lead to serious problems such as fire or electrocution.

Step-By-Step Installation Guide

Professional electricians know exactly how to properly check, fix, or replace the powerpoints in your property. To ensure the procedure is safe and that everything is properly installed, there are some ground rules and elementary steps that should be taken.

Step 1: turn off the power! Make sure there is no electricity in the circuit and turn off the power in the whole building to be on the safe side.

Step 2: a live electrical test will help you make sure there is no power and that working is safe.

Step 3: unscrew the plate from the wall.

Step 4: check the colours of the wires; each one should be correctly connected.

Step 5: connect the wiring to the new powerpoint.

Step 6: install the new powerpoint.

Step 7: carry out the safety inspection.

Step 8: turn on the power and check if the new powerpoint is working.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Powerpoint?

There are many different types and styles of powerpoints, and the prices can be anything from dirt cheap to very pricey. If you choose models with USB ports or extravagant designs, this can add up to the final price. The costs of installation vary from $75 to $140, depending on the difficulty of work. It is essential that you perform regular inspections and maintenance to prevent serious damage and minimise safety risks.

Reliable Powerpoint Installation Service

Handling wiring and replacing powerpoints requires professional skills and attention to detail. Make sure that you have reliable local service providers you can contact any time of day or night for emergency repairs and quick installations. GA Perry is available 24/7 for all of your electrical needs. We are there to expertly inspect, repair or replace your powerpoints so that you can enjoy safety and comfort. Call us today, and we will be there on time or we will do the job for free!