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Should I Upgrade My Switchboard

Should I Upgrade My Switchboard

should I upgrade my switchboard

If you want to revamp your home and improve safety, check the wiring and upgrade your switchboard. Perth properties are required to have safety switches to ensure protection against electrical overload, while eco-friendly lighting provides enhanced illumination while cutting your electricity bills and reducing your carbon footprint. If you are not sure whether you need an upgrade, here is what you need about switchboard upgrades Perth-wide.

Reasons for Upgrading Your Switchboard

Upgrading your switchboard ensures that your home is safer, better protected and more comfortable. Old switchboards simply cannot meet the demands of modern appliances and new LED lighting solutions. In combination with old wiring, they can be hazardous and enhance the risk of electrical shocks, fire or electrocution. If you are not sure whether your switchboard needs an upgrade, check out this list of alarming signs that indicate you should call your electricians in Perth:

  • Your switchboard is too old
  • You have old wiring
  • Your lights are flickering
  • Your appliances are tripping
  • Your switchboard has no circuit breakers
  • The wiring looks overcrowded in your switchboard
  • The fuses are blowing
  • The power points get too hot
  • There are noises coming from the switchboard
  • There are sparks when you turn on the appliance

Benefits of a Switchboard Upgrade

A switchboard upgrade will ensure that you have a safer and more comfortable home with electrics that comply with Australian laws. Electrical standards in Australia keep changing, and you need to make sure that your home wiring is up to date. The switchboard is the focal point of your electrical systems, which is why it must function properly. Here are some of the important additional benefits you’ll get by upgrading your switchboard:

  • Upgrading your switchboard will improve your electrical system after renovation
  • Upgrading your switchboard will ensure you get the maximum from solar power
  • You are maximising safety and minimising risks

Who Can Help You With a Switchboard Upgrade?

If you have decided to upgrade or replace your old switchboard, you need to find a licenced electrician. You might want to schedule a safety inspection first and consult the professionals about recommended ways to improve the safety of your home. If necessary, they may suggest that your old switchboard should be replaced with a new one or that you need to relocate it to a different, safer place in your home.

Switchboard Replacement Perth

Your switchboard is the single most important electrical system in your house, and you need to monitor it regularly to ensure that it is functional and up-to-date. Consider a replacement whenever you schedule a major renovation and when you decide to buy new appliances or switch to solar power or LED lighting. Your old switchboard has been tailored to your original home, and all substantial changes require a maintenance check or an upgrade. If you suspect that your old switchboard is no longer efficient, consult a licenced electrician who will recommend the best solution for your current needs.