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Installing an Electric Oven

Installing an Electric Oven

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Do you want to set up a new electric oven in your home? It is a great investment because electric ovens have many advantages including consistent heat and enhanced safety. Hiring a professional electrician is necessary because the installation process typically requires electrical wiring and following of complex safety regulations.

Knowing the Australian Standards for electrical wiring is crucial when installing your kitchen appliances. Electrical ovens are very different from gas-powered ones, and it is very important to use adequate components and follow recommended procedures. To minimise the safety risks, it is best to contact your trusty local electrician who will complete the job safely and efficiently.

What You Need to Know About the Safety Standards for Electric Ovens

Electric ovens need to be installed professionally to ensure maximum safety. You need a licenced electrician because they will be able to provide you with a compliance certificate that guarantees installations are in line with current standards and regulations. The main requirements include:

  • Adequate safety switches or RCDs
  • Arc fault protection devices
  • Isolation switches

A licenced electrician will make sure you fulfil these requirements and ensure the necessary levels of safety. They know exactly which rules you need to comply with when installing new appliances or planning kitchen rewiring.

Plugging in an Electric Oven

Can you simply plug in an electric oven? Typically, electric ovens have high power requirements and cannot be plugged into regular outlets. Firstly, they need 220V powerpoints, and they usually require wiring and installation work.

You are not sure whether your electric oven needs to be hardwired? If it rates over 3kw, an electricity-powered oven should be hardwired because it makes them much safer and more durable. Instead of featuring a plugin, this type of electric oven is directly installed in the building and attached to its own circuit.

Should You Choose an Electric Over a Gas Oven?

Electric ovens have many advantages, but it is up to you to decide which type of appliance you find more practical and more useful in your home. The key things to consider include safety, pricing, design, and quality of cooking. With a smooth top and modern appearance, an electric oven is aesthetically more appealing and fits into any contemporary kitchen layout. It is also a safer choice because gas can be dangerous. On the other hand, the main drawbacks include longer cooking time, higher energy bills and reliance on electric power.

Your Trusty Local Electric Oven Installers

Installing an electric oven requires special skills and expertise only licenced professionals can provide. You can rely on the GA Perry team to carry out this delicate task for you. From installing the safety switches and protection devices to plugging in or hardwiring your oven, we will do everything according to the current Australian standards.

We can take the stress out of the installation process and ensure maximum safety. Our job is to connect every part properly and carry out tests to check whether everything is working flawlessly. Call us today, and we will send one of our experienced electricians your way!