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Everything You Need to Know About RCD’s

Everything You Need to Know About RCD’s

everything you need to know about rcd

RCD safety switches are regularly installed by electrical companies Perth-wide. Designed to guard homes and save lives, these switches are protecting all power and lighting circuits in your home. Did you know that a minimum of two RCD switches must be fitted to every residential property before selling it? Here is everything you need to know!

What Are RCD Safety Switches?

RCD stands for the residual current device, and it has been created to prevent you from electric shock, electrocution, and electrical fires. The switches instantly cut the power in dangerous situations and protect you in the event of an electrical fault that is often hidden and can happen instantly without a warning. RCD is the only device that can effectively protect you and prevent potential injuries. It is different from a circuit breaker because it has an additional test button and protects you not only from short circuits and overloading but also against electrocution.

How Do They Work?

RCD safety switches can protect you against both direct and indirect contacts by preventing you from receiving an electric shocks if you touch a live wire or faulty circuit. How does this work? The RCD device will automatically switch off and stop the electricity from circulating if there is a fault. It constantly monitors the electric current flowing through the circuits to ensure any unintended electricity flaw is immediately stopped. It takes about 20-30 milliseconds for the current to stop in the event of a problem. When installing the new switches find one of the licensed electrical services Perth-wide to ensure compliance with WAER, the WA Electrical Requirements.

Benefits of RCD Protection

Even the most common everyday tasks can be dangerous if your circuits are not properly protected. The main benefit of RCD switches is increasing safety in your home or any other residential or commercial property. Outdated switchboards are a huge hazard, while RCD’s can give you peace of mind. The key advantages include:

  • 97% reliability
  • More sensitive than regular circuit breakers
  • Protecting all the wiring, sockets and appliances
  • Minimising risks of electric shock
  • Reducing risk of fire

Types of RCD Safety Switches

RCD switches are very useful and reliable as long as you test them regularly. There are many different types you can choose from, however, your licensed electrician will recommend the best option for your premises

  • Portable RCD switches should be attached to the power board or extension lead to protect circuits of appliances that are connected to them.
  • Fixed RCDs are located in the fuse box and can protect you against both individual and group circuits.
  • Meter box mounted RCD switches are placed alongside circuit breakers in the distribution board or within the main meter box.
  • Powerpoint RCD safety switches should be fitted to the first powerpoint that comes after the meter box, and they are ideal for protecting electrical appliances in specific areas like bathrooms.

Fixed RDC safety switches offer the highest level of protection because it safeguards all the outlets, as well as connected appliances and wiring.

Why You Need RDC Safety Switches

RCD switches are protecting your home and family by minimising the risks of electrocution, fire and damage caused by faulty appliances. According to WA’s RCD laws for homeowners, landlords, tenants, property managers and real estate agents, at least two safety switches must be installed to protect power and lighting circuits. Tenants should test their RCDs every three months to ensure they are working properly.

Not sure if you already have RCD’s? Check whether you have a component with a push button and the word ‘test’ engraved on it. RCD has the test feature in-built, so you probably have a regular circuit breaker if you can’t spot the test button. If you don’t have RCD’s already, make sure to get them installed by your trusty licensed electrician. Perth specialists typically charge about $100 per RCD, but the price depends on the size of your switchboard and on whether it needs upgrading or not.