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Essential Tips for Smoke Alarm Maintenance

Essential Tips for Smoke Alarm Maintenance

essential tips for smoke alarm maintenance

A functional smoke alarm is a must-have in every Perth household, so make sure to keep it clean and properly maintained to comply with Australian standards. Don’t forget that the batteries need to be replaced regularly because your home’s safety depends on them. Even the smoke detectors that are electricity-powered and wired into your system feature batteries as a backup source of power. If you are not sure how or when to change the batteries, we have some useful tips for you!

Know When to Change the Battery

Most of us tend to replace the batteries in smoke alarms when we hear the chirping that signals low power. However, it can be risky to wait until the last moment and risk the safety of your home and family. The sound may appear when you are away or while you are sleeping. If you have several alarms across your house, it might take time to detect which one needs new batteries. The average lifespan of batteries used in smoke alarms is six months. This means that it is recommended to change them twice a year without relying on the low-battery alarm sound. If you wait until you hear the sound, it is highly recommended that you change the battery as soon as possible.

Make Sure to Choose the Right Batteries

Since batteries are paramount for the proper functioning of your fire alarms, it is essential that you purchase the best ones available on the market. Did you know that high-quality batteries last for at least six months? It is worth investing in better ones because they have a longer lifespan and they are more reliable. Where to buy the batteries? You will find them in any electrical equipment shop in the area, or you can ask your local electrician to buy and install them for you.

Key Steps to Changing the Battery

It is useful to inform yourself about the process of replacing smoke alarm batteries. Although your trusty electrician can do this for you while performing a regular smoke alarm maintenance service, there might be occasions when you need to do this by yourself. The key steps you need to know include:

  • Remove the smoke detector
  • Open the battery compartment
  • Remove the old batteries and replace them with the new ones
  • Run the test to make sure your alarm is working properly

It is critical to perform the test run after replacing batteries because they might be faulty or your smoke alarm could be damaged, broken or outdated. Most devices feature a test button and you can do this by yourself. In case there are any problems with the device, you need to call your electrician to inspect it.

Essential Tips for Smoke Alarm Maintenance

To make sure your smoke alarm works flawlessly, you need regular maintenance. In addition to changing the batteries, you also need to keep the alarm box clean. Professional cleaning of smoke detectors includes removing the dust from the sensor and eliminating the build-up of dust, hair or any other dirt that can prevent proper functioning. While you can do this alone, it is always safer to call a professional electrician who can clean it, replace batteries and perform the necessary tests once a year.

GA Perry electricians will make sure your smoke alarm works flawlessly! Contact us today to schedule a maintenance check.