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Autumn Plumbing Checklist

Autumn Plumbing Checklist

Autumn plumbing checklist

As summer slowly starts transitioning into autumn, it is time to make your home cosy for cooler days. The first thing to do? Make sure your plumbing around the house is in order! This checklist will help you inspect your home from top to bottom.

Hot Water System

There is nothing more annoying than a cold shower on a cool autumn day. If you want to prevent any mishaps with your plumbing around the house, regular maintenance is a must. Look for the best plumbers Perth-wide to check whether your hot water system is working properly. If it is time to buy and install a new unit, now is a perfect time. On the other hand, you might just need to replace one or two parts to ensure the system works flawlessly throughout autumn and winter. Before you ring a local service, you can inspect the unit yourself. Look for signs of damage such as rust or leaks. If you notice any problem, remember that it should be fixed immediately by a professional plumber.


You don’t want any major problems with your toilet either, so here are a few things you need to check. Flush every toilet in the house to ensure there are no issues. If the water continues dripping after the flush, or if you can notice leaks around the toilet, you need to ring your local plumber. You should also check the tiles around the toilet. If any of them are loose, it may indicate that there is a leak.


It is also crucial that you inspect all the pipes around the house. Look for signs of leaks everywhere. They will be easily noticeable with exposed pipes because you will be able to spot rust, corrosion, green stains or dripping. You can also detect hidden leaks if you notice mould and watermarks on walls, floors or ceilings. Check the water pressure of the showers and taps. If it is low, there may be sedimentation inside the pipes.

Water Drainage

Finally, you need to check all the drains and see if there are any blockages. You should inspect the shower, bathtub and all the sinks in the house. Monitor the speed of water drainage. If it is slower than usual, this can be due to a clogged drainpipe. Sometimes it is enough to pull out debris and hair to allow a free water flow. However, in most cases, it is better to look for a specialist for blocked drains Perth-wide.