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All You Need to Know About Green Power Transformers

All You Need to Know About Green Power Transformers

green power tranformers

A green electrical box is a powerful tool for reducing the use of electric energy. It stores leftover power to recycle and reuse later. Why do you need it? To reduce energy bills, save energy and get extra protection against power surges. These durable power transformers are very practical and great for the environment. They are used throughout Australia because they offer multiple benefits for residential and commercial properties.

How does it work? The green electrical box features a motor that allows the transformer to produce power. It begins from the wires and runs through the meter to the panel box and finishes at the transformer. Electricity can be stored and reused when you need it because the transformer keeps the energy and releases the measured amount to the motor to reduce electricity consumption.

Benefits of Transformer Boxes

Green power transformer boxes are eco-friendly, affordable, and extremely efficient. They have multiple benefits including:

  • Lower carbon footprint: the device fine-tunes energy production to save electricity and minimise consumption.
  • Reduced bills: with the ability to recycle electrical energy, you can dramatically lower your monthly bills.
  • Enhanced safety: green electric boxes are less flammable because they are using ester oils, which means they can reduce the spread of fire.
  • Less noise: innovative design of this device makes it silent and suitable for both urban and rural areas.
  • Reduced heat: transformer boxes generate less heat which makes them safer and more eco-friendly.
  • Longer lifespan: with less energy produced and reduced heat, the motor and home appliances can live longer.
  • Less toxic & more sustainable: using biodegradable oil, this device is much less harmful to the environment.
  • Minimal maintenance: electrical transformer box is durable and made to require almost no maintenance.

Where to Plant Your Electrical Transformer Box?

When planning to install a power transformer, the choice of the position is crucial. Make sure to leave the three-metre clearance in front of the box and one and a half meters on the other sides. Avoid digging the ground around it and refrain from covering it because it needs good air circulation. These rules are very important, so keep them in mind when drawing the landscape design. If you are hiring an artist to organise your outdoor space, let them know where you want to plant the electrical transformer box and ensure the safety of your home and family. Hiring a professional electrician to properly install the box is highly recommended!

Your Questions Answered

Are electrical transformer boxes dangerous?

No. They are capable of converting high to low power voltage but they are safe as long as you instal them properly and leave enough empty space around them.

What is the safe distance from the box?

To be on the safe side, keep the space of three meters around it clear at all times. Don’t plant any trees anywhere near the box because the roots could interfere with the underground cables.

How can I hide the box?

While you may find this device as a disruption in your garden landscape, it is recommended not to cover it. The box needs airflow to function properly and covering it can be a safety hazard.

Qualified Electricians Specialising in Transformer Boxes

Installing the green electrical transformer box requires skilled professionals who will find the perfect position and make sure that the device works safely and properly. At GA Perry, we have a team of licenced electricians who are qualified to handle power transformers.