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6 Common Hot Water Problems

6 Common Hot Water Problems

6 common hot water problems

Not sure if you need a hot water system repair? Perth specialists can help you detect the problem and attend to it before it escalates. Here are the six most common malfunctions that need to be taken care of as soon as possible!

1 – Problems With Water Temperature

Cold water is the most obvious sign that your unit is faulty. However, any strange and inexplicable fluctuation in water temperature should be taken as a warning. For example, water might be too hot at the beginning and then turn cold too quickly. Or, you may notice that the water is warm but not hot enough. Before you call an expert, you can try to determine the cause. This can be something trivial such as the pilot light you need to relight or something more troubling like a leak coming from the unit.  

2 – Leaks

Leaks can be very dangerous, so turn off your unit as soon as you notice it. Try to figure out where the leak is coming from. Unless you can notice an obviously loose connection which you can tighten by yourself, it is best to call your trusty hot water system repairs Perth!

3 – Low Pressure

Problems with water pressure can indicate several different problems, and all of them require professional assistance. The most common causes include:

  • Leaks
  • Loose valves
  • Faulty pressure regulator
  • Outdated hot water unit which needs to be replaced

4 – Water Discolouration

If you notice that water has changed the colour and has a light brown or yellow tone, this could mean that the tank is rusty and needs to be replaced. It is an alarming sign, and you need to contact specialists in hot water repairs. Perth locals occasionally report discoloured water which is coming from sediment that accumulates in pipes. This means that your hot water unit doesn’t necessarily have to be the cause of the problem and that you might need a plumber instead.

5 – Noises

If your hot water system is noisy, it doesn’t automatically mean it is broken. In fact, most heaters produce some kind of noise. Don’t be alarmed until you start hearing unusual sounds which could signal that there is a fault. If the noise appears together with other warning signs, then you might have a serious problem. Noises you should consider as an early warning include high-pitched whining, rumbling and popping sounds.

6 – Water Takes Too Long to Heat

There is nothing more annoying than a hot water system that takes too long to heat. Especially when you are desperate for a warm shower or bath! When this starts happening, you should call your hot water repair specialists because it could mean that you have a serious problem with your unit. The most common cause for this problem is sediment build-up, but it can also be the broken thermostat. You might need to replace some of the parts or purchase a new unit.

If you are not sure whether you need to repair your old hot water system or replace it with a new one, it is best to consult experts. GA Perry can help you detect the problem and find the best and the most cost-effective solution.