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5 Common Causes of Blocked Drains and Easy Solutions

5 Common Causes of Blocked Drains and Easy Solutions

5 common causes of blocked drains and easy solutions

Drains can get blocked over time and cause multiple plumbing issues. Knowing the major causes can help you prevent the damage and change bad habits such as throwing problematic items down the drain.

Build-Up of Dirt

Bathroom sinks, tubs and showers often get clogged because of the build-up of dirt. It is important to regularly clean them and remove hair, dental floss and other items that inadvertently end up there. Using chemicals is a great first-aid solution, but professional cleaning is also necessary, at least once a year. Professional plumbers can easily de-clog the drains, inspect the pipes and fix any potential issues that are contributing to frequent clogging.

Build-Up of Grease

Cooking oils that usually end up in your kitchen sink are dangerous because they tend to solidify and create a nasty build-up of dirt that is hard to get rid of. There are many powerful chemicals you can use to clean the pipes, but you can also try to remove at least some of the grease from your cooking pans and use it for compost instead.

Sewer Drain Clog

Sewer drain clogging usually happens because of the disposal of large quantities of paper and sanitary products. You should avoid flushing highly absorbent items such as wipes or sanitary products down the drain because they can easily cause a major blockage. If this happens, you need help from professional plumbers who have special tools to unclog your drain.

Tree Roots in Your Sewage

Did you know that tree roots can enter the sewage system and cause major disruption in your water flow? Most Australian properties have trees and shrubs, and they are often planted near the houses to create shade. However, the roots that spread underground can interfere with the piping system. 

Damaged Pipes

Damaged pipes are dangerous because they are prone to clogging.  The cause of blockage can be anything from tree roots to wear and tear, and it is essential to detect problems before they escalate. To prevent potential issues, make sure to schedule a regular maintenance check. Professional plumbers can not only remove obstacles and clear your piping system but also detect hidden issues such as leakage or faulty installations.

What to Do if You Have Blocked Drains?

Blocked drains can quickly overburden your plumbing system and lead to much bigger damages throughout your home. Beware of the first symptoms such as a slow draining sink or bathtub and ask a professional plumber to conduct a thorough inspection of the plumbing in your home. If you are experiencing difficulties but you can’t ring a plumber immediately, you can try one of the quick-fix solutions. One of them is pouring a mixture of baking soda and vinegar down your drain. Dish soap and boiling water can also help melt solidified grease and dirt. If none of this works, try using a classic plunger.

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