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10 Key Questions to Ask Your Electrician

10 Key Questions to Ask Your Electrician

10 key questions to ask your electrcian

Finding a reliable electrician can be challenging. Ideally, you need a service provider who ticks all the boxes and offers affordable, quality service and can take care of all your needs. Here are the 10 crucial pieces of information you need before you hire an electrician.

1 – Do You Have a License?

First and the most important information you need is whether the electrician you are considering owns a required license to work. The licence must be issued by your state, and it can be either a Journeyman License, a Master Electrician License or an Electrical Contractor License.

2 – Do You Have Insurance?

It is also essential that your electrician can show you a valid insurance policy. This document will protect you in the event of an accident that might happen at your property during the electrical works.

3 – Do You Perform Safety Checks?

Licenced electricians typically perform safety checks throughout the property to ensure everything works seamlessly. Depending on the service provider, you might be charged extra for this.

4 – Do You Have References/Reviews?

Experienced electricians will have plenty of good references and reviews. You can search for the client testimonials on their website or ask them to show you some of them. It is important to hire an electrician with a reputation, so don’t skip this question.

5 – What Types of Electrical Works do You Specialise in?

Not all electricians necessarily specialise in all types of electrical work. If you need an emergency electrician, it is better to choose a service provider with a track record of premium emergency services. Make sure to check if their resume and services listed on their website truly match your needs.

6 – Can You Guarantee You Will Arrive on Time?

Electric emergencies typically require fast and reliable service. Does your electrician offer any guarantee about punctuality? Can you rely on them to send someone your way immediately? A large company with years of experience is more likely to have readily available workers who can arrive quickly and fix any problem on spot.

7 – Who Will be Performing the Works in My Home?

Check whether the electrical service company works with experienced, trained, and licenced staff. Do they have a reliable team of workers? Are there electricians who specialise in providing the services you need? Before you book an appointment, it is best to investigate these important issues.

8 – Do You Offer a Warranty?

The electrician you hire should be able to offer you a guarantee for quality and durability. The most reliable of them will give you a warranty to ensure you are satisfied with their service and the quality of materials they use.

9 – Can You Perform Regular Maintenance?

Regular maintenance is important to ensure optimal safety and prevent major damages that can cost you a lot of money. Ask your electrician if they can perform regular check-ups and how much they charge for this service.

10 – How Do You Charge?

Finally, don’t forget to ask about the rates. Does your chosen electrician charge per hour or do they have a fixed rate? Ideally, they will be able to offer you a variety of payment options and give you an estimate in advance.

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