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We Handle All Your Perth Hot Water & Gas Needs

As your local Perth hot water system specialists GA PERRY have been providing hot water services to Perth home owners since 1896. After 124 years, we proudly continue to be of service to thousands of satisfied customers. Why settle for a mediocre service when you could have your local on-time Perth hot water & gas company.

We can guarantee you fast, reliable, good old fashioned service. Furthermore we back it up with our now infamous guarantee.  At GA PERRY we are on time or the first hour of labour is free. So get in touch now to have us on our way.

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24 hr emergency hot water Perth

We Can Come To You Quickly In A Hot Water or Gas Emergency

GA PERRY boasts a team of hot water system repair specialists who are servicing the Perth area. We know how inconvenient it is when you don’t have hot water, and we made it our mission to provide the best possible emergency repair service. Call us at any time because we are available 24/7. To save your money, we will always try to repair your hot water system before considering replacing it. If you do need a new one, we’ll expertly install it.

GAS Hot water systems Perth

Gas Hot Water System Perth

GA PERRY provides affordable and high quality services in Perth. Our priority is to repair your gas hot water system to save your money.

We will replace it only when necessary! If you are looking to purchase and install a new unit, we will give you professional advice so that you can make an informed choice.
to choose the best and most affordable and energy-efficient hot water system that works for your Perth home.

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HWS Service, Repair & Installations

At GA PERRY, we specialise in repairs, installation and maintenance of electric hot water systems, and we are available 24/7 in the Perth area. Our premier services are delivered by highly skilled plumbers, so call us if you need to repair or replace your system, and don’t hesitate if you have an urgent problem. We will make sure one of our professionals arrives as soon as possible and attend to your issue. With their fully equipped vans, they will be able to repair your hot water system straight away.

hot water systems Perth

No Hot Water in Perth?

At GA PERRY all of our tradesmen are plumbers and electricians, therefore we can detect and repair leaks in your hot water system while ensuring the electrics are running correctly. For homeowners, hot water unit leak detection isn’t always easy or obvious.

Most hot water systems are tucked away out of sight, so it’s more likely, you’ll experience a warning sign in your home. You could discover there’s not enough hot water to have a decent shower or no hot water at all. Both of these issues could be an indication that your system is leaking.

Whether you know, you’ve got a leak or suspect that something is up, it’s best to get it seen to right away. Just like your shower-head, a leak in your hot water system also suggests corrosion.