Hot Water Unit Repairs In Perth

Firstly as Hot Water Unit repair specialists. The first question to ask, is your water running to hot, cold or is the temperature not quite right? As the plumbing and electrical team at GA PERRY are hot water system experts trained to find and fix problems in residential electric, and gas hot water systems.

With a central operations team and tradesman across the Perth metropolitan area, we can offer same day service, no call out fee and 24/7 availability. There’s no need to wait, you can get your hot water repairs completed as soon as possible with GA PERRY.

GA PERRY are members of the Master Plumbers Association

GA PERRY rates are $165 for the first half an hour on site, then $33 per quarter hour plus materials. Call us now on 08 9475 1500 or book online

Causes of Hot Water System Breakdowns

Firstly there are many reasons your hot water system might not be working properly. The circuit breaker could have tripped on an electric hot water system. Or your gas system could have simply blown out with the wind.

One of the most common causes of serious hot water system issues is a lack of servicing and wear and tear. No system is built to last forever but with regular servicing you can help your hot water system last longer. The GA PERRY team believe in fixing first and are maintenance specialists. Therefore we offer regular hot water system servicing to keep it running at optimum and avoid a new hot water system installation.

Why We Repair Hot Water Systems First

Firstly at GA PERRY, we believe in giving our clients to best value and that’s why we recommend regular maintenance. As it’s significantly cheaper, easier and quicker to replace small parts rather than your entire hot water system. With many of the small parts such as the sacrificial anode, valves, and the thermostat. These all work hard to keep your system running and will be subject to wear and tear. Therefore damage to any one of these small parts can compromise the efficiently of your system or stop it working or running altogether.

Finally as our tradesmen arrive at your home in one of our fully-stocked vans. This allows them to perform most hot water repairs in Perth with no mess and no fuss.  Call GA PERRY today to repair your hot water system.

How Often Do You Need To Get Your Valves Checked?

Our experts recommend that you get your valves inspected once or twice a year. They can become clogged up with dirt, corroded with mineral build up or the seal can wear out. If your valves are struggling to do their job, you could get a fault in your hot water system and even a small leak can result in a big rise in your bill.

If you can see that your hot water system is leaking or not running as it should get it repaired today with GA PERRY. Or if you’ve had your system for a little while call us out to your home to check up on the condition of your unit. Our plumbers and electricians will go anywhere in the Perth metro area and we’ll arrive at your home on time or the first hour of labour is free. No mess, no fuss.