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Your Guide to Fuse Box Upgrades

Your Guide to Fuse Box Upgrades

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A functional fuse box is extremely important because it is responsible for distributing electrical power across your property. Typically located on the outer walls of Australian houses, it comprises a switchboard with the main power switch and circuit breakers. Not sure if you need a fuse box upgrade? If you are experiencing problems with your […]

What to Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak

What to do if you suspect a gas leak

Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous because it is easy to inadvertently cause a spark and cause an explosion. It is essential that you take all the precaution measures and get in touch with your trusty licensed gas plumber Perth as soon as possible. Let us guide you through the five steps you need to […]

5 Reasons Why It’s Essential to Regularly Service Gas Appliances

5 reasons why its essential to regularly service gas appliances

Your gas appliances need regular service because this is the best way to minimise the safety risks, increase their performance and extend their life. Perth families heavily rely on their gas-powered hot water systems, stove tops and heaters because they are efficient and practical while saving energy and reducing the monthly bills. Regular maintenance will […]