Water filter plumbing. GA PERRY can provide, install and repair an extensive range of in-line water filters suitable for all environments. Our experts will have your water filter installed and providing crystal clean water in no time.

A water filter’s job is to remove gunk – dissolved and minute, solid particles, and perhaps other nasties – that find their way down your pipes.

And if you haven’t experienced the taste of filtered water compared to the common-or-garden tap variety, you owe it to yourself – and your family – to install a filtration system today.

We can help you fit or replace filters for fridges, taps and a whole range of devices.

Filters can become breeding grounds for bacteria if not replaced on time, so consult the manufacturers’ guidelines, or if you’re not sure give us a call. We’ll have someone come out right away and replace all your filters in less time than it takes to think about getting it done.

Combined with our “On the Dot” service, it’s a clear choice when trying to work out who best to repair or install your water filter.