Dishwasher Installation

Is it time for a new dishwasher installation ? If you’re tired of having to rewash your dishes time and time again, because your clunky old dishwasher just isn’t up to the task, then maybe it’s time to upgrade!

As well, think about economy – of water, energy and money! Newer dishwashers use substantially less water, less electricity and less time than older models, and they’re generally easier to stack and unstack than their senior siblings.

And if your dishwasher is more than 5 or 6 years old, and you’ve never experienced the thrill of coming out to breakfast to find your kitchen cupboards and floors flooded because the dishwasher pipe burst after you set it to wash before going to bed, then I’d consider buying a lottery ticket! Because you’re one of the lucky ones!

All of which mean it’s probably time to upgrade your old clunker on a new model…I mean your dishwasher, not your husband / wife / housekeeper (delete as appropriate)! And who better to effect the changeover than GA PERRY – “dishwashers to the stars!”

Dishwasher Installation – On-time

Seriously, call GA PERRY today for your new dishwasher installation. Why not remove all the fuss and have the professionals install it for you?

Phone 9475 1500 or click here to book online, and have one of GA PERRY’s trained Plumbers out today!