Appliance installation. Firstly shopping for new appliances can be bad enough. Therefore connecting your new appliance to a water supply can be a real pain. Often you have to wait days or even weeks for the shop to send someone out to do it. No matter what new appliance you have purchased. Whether it be a new washing machine, water filter, ice maker fridge or any other product, we can install.

With the experience and fast, friendly service, combined with GA PERRY’s “On the Dot” service, make us the clear choice when trying to work out your best option!

Appliance Installation

Make your appliance installation a breeze – one phone call to GA PERRY and consider it done. We’ll do it on time and without any hassle. Backed up by our well know jingle. At GA PERRY we guarantee we’re very on the dot, or the first hour of labour if Free.

We know that you depend on your appliance giving you a reliable and trouble-free operation for years to come. Therefore you can be assured at GA PERRY we never cut corners during installation. Along with the experience of working with other trades to ensure all plumbing and electrical installation guidelines are followed, and guarantee our work fully.

Firstly co-ordinating multiple trades is easy when you call GA PERRY as we are not only a plumbing company. As we are also registered Electrical Contractors employing an team of skilled electricians. Finally we even have your gas covered as we also have a bunch of qualified gas fitters.

With experienced perth plumbers we can install all types of water-related appliances for households and businesses. Finally our reputation and longivity (121 years) speaks for itself. We’re the best in the business!

Phone 9475 1500 or click here to book online, and have one of GA PERRY’s expert Plumbers install your appliance today!