Firstly GA PERRY provides a complete toilet repairs, toilet installation service. Combined with our “On the Dot” service, it’s a clear choice when trying to work out who’s the best to repair or install your toilets or cisterns!

Secondly it makes no difference what brand or model of toilet suite you’ve bought for yourself. Or what kind of toilet suite you need replaced.

Thirdly our specialist toilet plumbers have the experience and equipment to be able to install any toilet suite brands. Therefore we can install a full toilet suite, or replace your toilet cistern or toilet bowl only, or we can fully replace your current toilet suite. It just depends on what you require and need.

Fourthly as silly as it may sound, toilet repairs are often difficult to fix and difficult to do. Because there are so many little parts that can fail and cause big problems that it’s often very difficult to identify where the issue is arising from to fix a toilet issue.

Finally our plumbers has latest tools and spare parts for almost any toilet suite repair. So we’ll save your time and money while getting the job done right the first time.

For all toilet troubles or upgrades, give the experts a call on 9475 1500 or click to book online, and have one of GA PERRY’s expert plumbers will visit you “On the Dot” to solve your problem!