Hot Water Tempering Valves

Under government legislation hot water tempering valves must now be installed in all hot water systems. This includes new or renovated homes and offices.

Tempering Valves for Hot Water Systems mitigate the risk of scalding by monitoring the temperature of water being delivered. The valve mixes the hot and cold water to ensure correct temperature.

Even if not obliged to by the law. It is a good idea to have one of these valves installed in your system. Especially if you have a young family.

Employers whose staff suffer scalding burns. Because no tempering valve was fitted to a small hot water system in an office or industrial unit. May be construed to have been in breach of their Duty of Care towards their employees. By not providing a safe work place.

So don’t take the risk: if you don’t have a tempering valve fitted, contact us to fit one. And if you do, or if you’re upgrading a hot water system. Contact us to ensure the tempering valve has been installed correctly and is working optimally.

Phone GA PERRY on 9475 1500 or click here to book online and have one of GA PERRY’s plumber arrive. We can supply, install and ensure the correct working order of the tempering valve on your hot water system.