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Electrical testing & tagging for Factories & Commercial, As Well As Certain Households

AS/NZS3760: In-Service Safety Inspection & Testing of Electrical Equipment Electricity has great potential to seriously injure and kill. An employer or a self-employed person has the responsibility for ensuring the electrical equipment in their workplace is safe, regularly inspected, tested and maintained. A large part of this involved testing and tagging all equipment that is unsafe, to ensure that it is repaired.

A commercial testing and tagging system should be in place to assess the electrical equipment that is used in the workplace. If the electrical equipment operates in or is affected by a hostile environment it must undergo regular electrical testing and tagging in Perth and be maintained by a competent person.

GA PERRY employs accredited, certified “competent Electricians” as defined herein that have been fully trained in commercial testing and tagging regulations, and can carry out all your mandatory workplace testing and tagging obligations.

The Australian and New Zealand Standard AS/NZS3760, for In-service Safety Inspection and Testing of Electrical Equipment, is the standard which specifies commercial testing and tagging procedures for the safety inspection and testing of low voltage single phase and poly-phase (e.g. nominal 240V and 415V) electrical equipment, connected to the power supply by a flexible lead and/or connecting device.

The Purpose of Electrical Testing and Tagging in Perth

The purpose of the inspection, electrical testing and tagging of electrical equipment is to identify equipment that may cause an electrical hazard to the user or other persons and also to identify any adverse conditions or environment in the workplace that could potentially make the electrical equipment unsafe for use in that workplace.

The Standard covering commercial testing and tagging refers to electrical equipment that is connected to a power supply by a flexible cord and/or connecting device. This can include items such as

  • Air-Conditioners
  • Toasters and Kettles
  • Microwave Ovens
  • Vacuum Cleaners
  • Computers
  • Powerboards
  • Power Tools
  • Extension Leads

Electrical testing and tagging for Households / Home Offices

If you employ casual workers in your home, e.g., a maid or a gardener, you may be covered by the above provisions and required to carry out such electrical testing and tagging by a competent person, such as GA PERRY. Call us to discuss your obligations regarding testing and tagging in Perth under this regulation.

Phone GA PERRY on 1800 244 868 or click here to book online now to have one of GA PERRY’s accredited personnel carry out the electrical testing and tagging of your commercial premises or workplace.

* The Standard states that the inspection, electrical testing and tagging procedures shall be carried out by a “Competent Person” such as GA PERRY. We offer a full range of electrical testing and tagging in Perth.

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