Ceiling Fans, Exhaust fans

Ceiling fans, Exhaust fans. GA PERRY can help you with a number of ceiling fan and exhaust fan ventilation solutions. Whether it be for your home, workshop, shed, office, or just about any other enclosed environment.

There are just too many stories of cases where serious injury resulted from poor installation of a ceiling fan.

If you’re thinking of installing a ceiling fan, make sure it’s done properly! Make sure the height is safe, and that it’s correctly anchored.  Our experienced electricians will advise if they think it’s not safe, and assist you to install a safer alternative.

Exhaust fans, ceiling fans

This type of knowledge only comes after years of experience.
If you like to sit on your patio, but wish you had a little more breeze, we can help, with wall mounted fans a great option in cases where ceilings are not high enough for safe installation of overhead fans.

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