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switchboard upgrades, replacements. If you’re still using the old style electrical switchboard with replaceable fuse wire, it’s definitely time to upgrade!

Firstly if you have an older home in Perth, you are more likely to need a Switchboard Upgrade.  This ensures that your switchboard and wiring is sufficient to support the electrical needs of multiple household appliances when in use. For example, running a dishwasher, washing machine, oven and air-conditioner at the same time requires a high load of electricity.

Secondly, often switchboards installed in Perth homes built more than 25 years ago may not be able to cope with current electrical loads. Therefore some switchboards can be at risk of a connector in the fuse or the wiring burning out. Or even worse causing a dangerous electrical fire. Older switchboards may not have the required 2 RCD’s (residual current device) safety switch. This is another very important reason why you may need to upgrade your switchboard.

Thirdly GA PERRY can help you to install the latest switched protection models. To upgrade a switchboard you need an  electrician with extensive knowledge and experience like GA PERRY. We customise the distribution board to your meet the needs of your power supply, carry out a full instrumental wiring test. Then we will ensure your electrical switchboard operates safely and efficiently and will meet your maximum power requirements.

Finally, once installed and checked we will issue an Electrical Safety Certificate to give you complete peace of mind that the job has been done properly.

So for all your switchboard upgrades, replacements and installation inquiries. Phone GA PERRY on 9475 1500 or click here to book online and have one of our experienced electricians repair, upgrade or replace your switchboard today!

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