safety switches

Firstly safety switches are often confused with circuit breakers and fuses, but they perform different tasks. They monitor the flow of electricity through a circuit. When a leakage of current is detected a safety switch will turn off the power in a fraction of a second. Therefore they provide personal protection against an electric shock. Secondly circuit breakers protect an electrical circuit. They quickly cut power when there is a high current fault. They also cut power when an overload is detected that may cause a hazard.

Thirdly your home has a safety switch installed. However one may not be enough to protect you from electric shock. As a safety switch protects you from the circuit it is on only. With this in mind, consider having switches installed on all circuits in your home. These circuits include power points, lights, air conditioning, oven, hot water and pool equipment.

safety switch regulations

In Western Australia, it is a legal requirement to have electrical safety switches tested. This is vital for tenanted properties.  Instances have occurred and owners been found liable for damage and harm. This was attributable to inadequate or defective electrical safety switches.

Testing of Electrical Safety Switches is an important part of overall electrical testing and certification. As it enables us to determine whether or not the Safety Switch operates at the proper tripping time. The correct reading is 30 milliamps. This is the amount of amps required to cause electrocution.

Home owners and businesses rely on Safety Switches to save lives and protect them from electrocution. As well as preventing electrical fires.

It is now compulsory for new homes to have safety switches installed. GA PERRY also install safety switches in homes without them.

Don’t wait until you cop a fine, or – even worse – suffer a loss through inadequate protection.

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