GA PERRY offers total rewiring/rewire services for your home or office! Get those unsafe faulty or frayed wires the attention they need in order to keep a safe environment.

Many disastrous fires in homes and offices have been traced back to faulty wiring.

Whilst this is especially true in older properties, there have certainly been instances where wiring in new homes or offices has been found to have been compromised by other work, particularly in ceilings, as was demonstrated in the inquest into fatalities caused during the insulation rebate initiative.

Owners of rental properties – houses and offices – need to know that they can be – and have been found to be – legally liable for the effects of faulty wiring in rented premises. Insurance companies may also demand that it be updated.

So if in doubt, let us check it out! One phone call can take care of your worries. And you can rest assured that one of our qualified Electricians in Perth will provide honest assessments. If you do not need to have work done, we will tell you – and at least you can sleep better at night.

So for all your electrical installations, Phone GA PERRY on 1800 244 868 or click here to book online and have one of GA PERRY’s experienced electricians resolve all your wiring issues!