Outdoor Lighting Perth can be provided by GA PERRY. Enjoy your great outdoors even more with a variety of lighting options. such as entertaining, alfresco, lighting paths and adding much-needed security.

Firstly transforming your night time landscape with spot lighting will create lovely shadows and define interesting architectural elements. There are a variety of ways to add drama to your outdoor space, no matter its size. Therefore keep in mind that even a small terraced area can benefit from getting creative with simple lighting techniques.

Outdoor lighting – Uplighting

Secondly uplighting is one of the most important approaches and refers to illuminating an object, area or surface from below. Therefore LED Spike spot lights are the most popular fitting. As they highlight a focal point in the foreground while the background remains relatively dark.

Thirdly plants lit up is another option. Due to the contrast of light and shadow through the foliage and trunks. As this adds a sense of tranquility and depth into our gardens. By using LED spiked garden lights you can easily position the fittings to get the light just right. Therefore this allows for flexibility as the plants grow.

Outdoor lighting pathways

Fourthly, walking through your garden at night should be a safe and easy thing to do. With the LED path lights and bollards, moving through your garden will be perfectly possible and safe at night. Path lights are lighting fixtures that consist of a pole with a light source on top.

When using path lights, we find they are best placed next to pathways or in the garden beds to either side. Then they can be used to accent certain plants or objects in your garden at the same time. Therefore keeping things simple is always our aim. With minimalistic LED path lights they are easily adjusted to light along the path or downwards. This allows a nice wash to spread across the ground softly illuminating the way.

Outdoor lighting – creating ambience

Creating impact with light adds warmth and interest. When uplights are utilised in design they can accentuate a different perspective to what is seen in the day. Also textural elements like plants, trees, stone walls, sculptures and even water features really benefit from the use of uplighting. As an alternative smaller inground lights are best used to indicate edges or direction.

The range of options now available for outdoor lighting is truly amazing.

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