Electrical Fault Finding

We find and fix Electrical Faults

You don’t have to live with constant electrical issues in your home.

At GA PERRY our trusted electricians are experts at investigating and repairing electrical faults such as frequent power surges, short circuits or unusually high electricity bills. Our Perth electrical maintenance team are available around the clock and offer same day service, or we can schedule a local electrician at a time that suits you.

Electrical Emergency? We Can Help

Electrical faults can become serious and dangerous issues. If you have an electrical emergency – don’t delay – our team are available 24/7, and they service the entire Perth metropolitan area. For emergencies, call GA PERRY now on (08) 9475 1500.

Some signs that you may have an electrical emergency are a complete loss of power or smoking and sparking electrical sockets. While you are waiting for an emergency electrician, do not touch anything and keep well away from any hazards.

Electrical Fault Finding

If you’re experiencing electrical surges, dips in power, flickering lights or higher than expected power bills, we can help. There are many reasons why your system could be causing your problems, and our tradesman are experts are finding and fixing faults. From isolating faulty appliances to repairing electrical wiring and fixing leaks in electrical hot water systems, the GA PERRY team are qualified to fix your electrical fault safely and quickly so you can keep enjoying your home.

Regular electrical and electrical home maintenance is an excellent way to reduce future electrical faults and ensure your home is not using too much power. Just like any system in your home, your electrics will experience wear and tear over time. Regular checks and small maintenance will ensure your home keeps running smoothly and you save money on power bills – it’s a win, win.

Let GA PERRY, the specialists in home maintenance in Perth find your problem and fix it. Contact us today.

Electrical Safety Switches

Faulty wiring and appliances are the biggest causes of electrical issues around the home. By law, every home in Perth must have at least two RCD (Residual Current Device) safety switches and a maximum of three circuits per safety switch. RCD switches are surge protectors that sit inside your metre box and monitor the flow of electric current throughout your home. If there is an imbalance in the circuit, a faulty connection or too many appliances in use, your RCD safety switch will shut off your power. RCD safety switches act as circuit breakers and are vital and necessary to protect your family from electric shocks and other life-threatening injuries. If your electrical safety switches are constantly causing blackouts in your home, then you have a defect in the circuit. It may be the wiring, an appliance or the safety switch itself.

If you think your electrical safety switches are faulty, then it’s best to get GA PERRY electricians out as soon as you can to conduct electrician maintenance. It’s important to have your RCD safety switches checked regularly to make sure they’re in top working order.

At GA PERRY, our guys are maintenance specialists and can take care of all your electrical safety switch needs and RCD installation. Contact us today.