LED Lighting Installation for your home

Firstly LED Lighting Installation has become the choice many Perth home owners are making. Switching their interior and exterior systems to LED lighting. At GA PERRY, we’re residential specialists, and we can take care of all your LED lighting installation needs. We use a centralised operations centre service the entire Perth metro area and are available 24/7, so our tradesman can come at a time that suits you.

We know your time is valuable, that’s why our tradesman will arrive on time or the first hour of labour is free. That’s our guarantee.

Making the switch to LED

Firstly as LED Lights for your home are the most energy efficient lighting option for your home. Therefore making the switch to LED lighting will result in lower household energy bills and a better result for our environment.

Secondly LED lights use around 75% less energy than halogen globes and last up to 10 times longer. We’ve done the maths, and if you replace ten halogen light bulbs with LED lights in your home. You can expect to save about $650 on your electricity bill over ten years.

Finally often chosen for their looks as well as their functionality. LED lighting upgrades are installed as downlights which sit flat against the ceiling for a modern and streamlined style. In addition, due to the shape of the bulb, LED lights have a wide beam angle which casts fewer shadows. Therefore making them perfect for kitchens and bathrooms.

LED Lighting Installation

Firstly, when looking to install or upgrade to LED lighting in your home, GA PERRY has got you covered. Therefore our fully licensed and qualified electricians are LED specialists can connect an LED lighting system in your current home or new build. Not sure what lighting system is right for you?   Our trusted team can give you expert lighting recommendations taking into account the technical specification, size and purpose of each room.

LED Lighting Repair

When your LED lighting system isn’t working correctly, it’s best to give the team at GA PERRY a call. Most LED lights have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. So issues with your system are more likely to be a problem with an electrical connection or surrounding wiring rather than a globe. Our technicians are experts at fault finding and will be able to get tour lights working again in no time at all.