What to Do if You Suspect a Gas Leak

What to do if you suspect a gas leak

Gas leaks can be extremely dangerous because it is easy to inadvertently cause a spark and cause an explosion. It is essential that you take all the precaution measures and get in touch with your trusty licensed gas plumber Perth as soon as possible. Let us guide you through the five steps you need to […]

Smoke Alarms – Everything You Need to Know

Smoke Alarms everything you need to know

Quality smoke alarms that adhere to Australian standards are a must-have in your household. If you are not sure which ones you should buy, how to position them or how to do smoke alarm maintenance Perth-wide, read these tips to find out everything you need to know. Which Smoke Alarms to Buy? You’ll find many […]

High Water Bills? You May Have a Leak!

high water bills you may have a leak

Are your water bills higher than usual? From increased water consumption to new appliances, there are many factors that can affect your bills. You can try to determine the cause by eliminating options that don’t apply to your household. If you still don’t know the reason, call your trusty specialists in water leak detection Perth. […]

Choosing the Right HWS for Your Home

choosing the right hot water system for your home

Choosing the ideal hot water system for your Perth home is crucial because you don’t want to waste money on a unit that doesn’t have the capacity to service the needs of your family. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, so consider which option would suit your household needs. The Amount of Water You Need When […]

5 Reasons Why It’s Essential to Regularly Service Gas Appliances

5 reasons why its essential to regularly service gas appliances

Your gas appliances need regular service because this is the best way to minimise the safety risks, increase their performance and extend their life. Perth families heavily rely on their gas-powered hot water systems, stove tops and heaters because they are efficient and practical while saving energy and reducing the monthly bills. Regular maintenance will […]

4 Reasons Why You Should Always Use a Licensed Electrician

4 reasons you should always use a licensed electrician

Working with electricity is dangerous and not a DIY job, so if you need electrical work done around your home it is always safer to entrust the job to a local licensed electrician. They know the national and regional regulations, they are always updating their knowledge and they follow strict procedures. From installation to repairs […]

The History of Hot Water

history of hot water

Warm showers and baths are one of many luxuries of our modern civilisation we are usually taking for granted. If you can pick just one home appliance you wouldn’t want to live without it would probably be the humble hot water unit. It is the single essential commodity that makes our life so comfortable! While […]

Autumn Plumbing Checklist

Autumn plumbing checklist

As summer slowly starts transitioning into autumn, it is time to make your home cosy for cooler days. The first thing to do? Make sure your plumbing around the house is in order! This checklist will help you inspect your home from top to bottom. Hot Water System There is nothing more annoying than a […]

Things to Consider When Retrofitting Your Home’s Lighting

things to consider when retrofitting your home

If you want a beautiful, warm, comfortable and sustainable home, retrofitting will help you accomplish this goal. Renovation of your old lighting fixtures and replacing them with smart LED solutions will help you create a pleasant ambience and illuminate your living space while saving energy. Here are five crucial things to consider! Energy Efficiency When […]

Help… My dishwasher Won’t drain!

help my dishwasher wont drain

Have you opened your dishwasher and found a big puddle of water? Don’t panic because there are a few things you can do yourself before you ring your emergency plumber Perth! We’ll help you tackle the problem in 8 easy steps. 1 – Drain Your Dishwasher You can easily drain the water from your dishwasher […]