Shopping for new appliances can be bad enough. Connecting your new freezer/fridge, washing machine, water filter or other appliances to a water supply can be a real pain. Often you have to wait days or even weeks for the shop to send someone out to do it.

Our experience and fast, friendly service, combined with GA PERRY’s “On the Dot” service, make us the clear choice when trying to work out your best option!

Or maybe you just decided to beautify your home or office with a built-in water feature.

Make appliance installations a breeze – one phone call to GA PERRY and consider it done. We’ll do it on time and without any hassle. Our experienced, “radio-controlled” plumbers can install all types of water-related appliances for households and businesses, and our reputation speaks for itself – we’re the best in the business!


Phone 1800 244 868 or click here to book online, and have one of GA PERRY’s expert Plumbers install your appliances today!