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plumbing in perth since 1896. Finding professional perth plumbing companies is not always an easy task. Particularly if you don’t have a recommendation.

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We deal with everything from blocked drains, burst pipes, hot water cylinder issues, gas hot water, dishwasher installations, ice maker fridge installations, leaky taps and washers, shower heads, toilets that won’t flush, and much more.

We carry a wide variety of fixtures and equipment in our well-stocked vans so we can fix jobs on the spot and avoid unnecessary costs and delays. As a member of the Master Plumbers Association, and all GA PERRY tradespeople are fully licensed, experienced and qualified.

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Perth’s best plumbing company offers an array of services to suit your needs

One of the reasons we are considered by many to be the best perth plumbers in W.A. is that you can book a plumber at a certain time and we will show up on-time.

Forget the old days where you had to sit around and wait at home all day for the plumber to arrive, or leave a key out (leaving your property unsecured).

When you book with us we will be there on time or our work is free. To make the booking process even easier you can schedule a plumber simply by using our website.

Naturally we also offer an emergency call out service for those unexpected emergencies such as burst pipes in the early hours of the morning.

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GA PERRY, plumbing in perth are specialists in domestic maintenance but has the ability to tackle every job big or small. Routine maintenance of your home helps to keep you warm, dry and comfortable all round.

Book online for all your plumbing installation work and routine repairs or give us a call on 9475 1500. Alternatively if you want us to give you a call, leave your phone number in the box on the main page of our website.

Our plumbers are qualified professionals, and as such you can expect that any work carried out will be done so with absolute care and skill, finished in a reasonable time, and billed at an affordable rate.

Unlike many other plumbers, we don’t charge by the hour. We bill our jobs in 15 minute increments of time. This means you pay for the time a job actually takes, rather than have your bill rounded up to the nearest hour. Our pricing strategy is fair and honest and saves you money.