GA PERRY’s experienced gas plumbers can service all your gas appliances, making sure they are safe and working optimally.

Have you ever had to go to bed real early – I’m talking REAL early – on a cold winter’s night to keep warm with the electric blanket just because the gas heater wouldn’t light?

Then I know we’re on the same page!

Ensuring your gas appliances are in good working order holds many benefits. Regular servicing / maintenance can prolong the life of your appliances, as well as ensuring their safety – and your family’s! It may improve their working efficiency helping to cut down your gas bills, and will reduce the risk of breakdown or failure.

GA PERRY’s vans are fully equipped with the appropriate tools and materials for the servicing of your appliances. One simple phone call can have all your appliances checked at once.

So phone GA PERRY on 1800 244 868 or click here to book online now and have one of GA PERRY’s experienced gas plumbers call to carry out a complete checkup and service on your gas appliances today!

With our experience and our “On the Dot” service policy, GA PERRY are the clear choice when trying to decide who best to service your gas appliances!