The cost of unprotected equipment is not limited to IT systems either. Today’s massive plasma and LCD TV screens are as sensitive as they are vulnerable. You need to make sure they are well protected.

GA PERRY offer expert advice and installation on surge protection solutions designed to mitigate the risk of damage by overload to your electrical appliances, equipment and vital data from energy spikes.

Offering whole house surge protection solutions, GA PERRY are your number one choice when it comes to surge protection in Perth!

Whether the damage comes from faulty transformers, lightning strikes or malfunctions, having a server – or indeed any critical IT or communications systems – knocked out due to a power surge striking unprotected equipment is something that any business dreads.

So for reliable surge protection, backed by GA PERRY’s “On The Dot” service, why look any further? Phone GA PERRY on 1800 244 868 or click here to book online and have GA PERRY’s experienced technicians visit your premises today to assess your cabling, provide with you quality advice and upgrade your surge protection to keep you protected!